Terms & Conditions


The following conditions replace any previous ones and are valid starting from 01/01/2019.



When processing an order on our webpages the buyer accepts and respects our terms and conditions and will not –in any way- lay on his specific conditions.


Orders will normally be delivered on the mentioned date. Those delivery terms only form a guideline and will not give rise to:

* a braking of the sales contract.
* a payment of a fine, compensation or interest.


The goods are billed when leaving the warehouse. Port costs along with other expenses will be charged upon the buyer. The purchased goods travel on his risk and danger, even in case of a franco delivery or by delivery of our transport service. To maintain a story against the transporter, the buyer needs to check the purchased items. Absent and/or damaged items need to be reported within 48 hours by registered letter. Having surpassed this term, no complaint will be taken in consideration anymore.


Our prices will always be set up without any binding and can be modified at all times without notice.



e-mail: admin@vegemac.be
Tel - Fax
VAT. BE0669652366


The consumer has the right to waive the sales and / or products delivered without payment of penalty or giving any reason.
This should be done within 14 calendar days after delivery of the products.


Without any conflicting provisions all goods can be payed in 3090 OVERIJSE, net and without disconto. Except for the cashier no other staff member is allowed to collect or discharge. The collecting- and disconto costs will be charged upon the client whenever he doesn’t fulfill his obligations towards VEGEMAC. Whenever a client doesn’t pay his bill –on the expiration date- the bill amount will be increased with 15% (This increase however can’t surpass the amount of € 12,50). Next a mutual agreed interest rate will be applied starting from the invoice date. This interest will be equal to the disconto rate of the Belgian National Bank on the billing date, increased with 5 points. Every month started will be fully charged. The goods remain the property of the company until a full payment has been processed. These goods can be collected from anywhere. By not living up to the payment conditions or to a due date our entire claim is immediately claimable. In such a case we are allowed to suspend any following deliveries until the outstanding amounts have been payed. Whenever the buyer requests a delay at one of his creditors, demands a judicial or extra judicial concordat, forms the subject of a seizure or protests his signature, he will –without reminder- lose all the benefits regarding the granted term for all liveries. All outstanding accounts regarding these liveries would become immediately recoverable. When speaking of numerous liveries, every livery may then be billed individually. A partial delivery doesn’t justify the adjournment of the amounts payable in respect of goods received and invoiced. The not executed services by VEGEMAC –on the moment of delivery- (Demonstration, placement, connection and activation together with the absence of a particular part not necessary for a machine to work properly) don’t permit an adjournment of the payment of the specific bill. The Court of Law in Brussels together with the Peace Court in Brussels are exclusively authorized to be brought to all disputes between the different parties.


As we are importers and/or sellers –not fabricants- we can’t be held responsible for the fabrication, the concept or the quality of the products and goods. Our warranty terms are valid as a whole. The buyer will only be able to rely on this warranty when having read the manual and having operated the machine (or product) in the prescribed manner. No complaint will –in any way- destruct the payment conditions of the buyer towards the firm. Products and goods present in our catalogue but which have been purchased abroad can’t be the subject of complaint or repair. In order to rely on a repair within warranty the goods have to be returned together with a warranty card. One copy needs to be received by VEGEMAC within 5 days following the sale. When surpassing this term the processed repair will be billed at the normal rate. While a warranty doesn’t cover transport costs, all goods need to be returned under “Port payed by sender”.   

All repairs of material- or construction errors will be processed free of charge by the dealer, whenever this damage manifests itself within the warranty period. This warranty will only be granted when the maintenance is often being executed by the dealer. The following will not be covered within warranty:

- Work executed by persons other then the dealer which leads to a possible damage.
- Damage as a result of a lack of maintenance.
- Damage as a result of abuse of the machine (folded axis, rust, …).
- Damage as a result of the use of wrong products, lubricants or fuels.
- Damage as a result of aging like the discoloration of surfaces.
- Materials like filters, belts, friction plates, batteries, fuses, hoses, cables, …
- Lubricants: oil, greases, accu acid, coolant, …
- Cleaning, inspections, adjustments and other maintenance works.
- Transportation costs together with shipment costs.
- Extra costs like compensation as a result of loss of time, commercial losses, rent costs, …
- The warranty never gives rise to a complete replacement of a machine or engine.

The repair or the replacement of parts within the warranty period cannot –in any way- be the subject of an extension of the current warranty period.


The VEGEMAC firm isn’t obliged to take back goods, even when this is done by our representatives. An agreement can only be reached after we have executed a check-up upon the specific goods, fully accepting the following conditions (Exceptions are made for wrong sendings from our warehouse, incomplete parts or parts/products with fabrication errors.):

1. VEGEMAC needs to sell the specific goods on a regular base.
2. The goods need to be new and returned in the original package. Along with the goods a return ticket needs to be sent, filled in by the representative with an indication of the date and the purchase number of the sold goods. Also, a reason of returning the goods needs to be mentioned. The legal VAT prescriptions demand a specific document together with any transport of goods. Our transporters are not allowed to transport goods (even when in repair) when a document is absent mentioning the name of the sender, the category of goods and the reason of return.

The VEGEMAC firm will not be held responsible in case of loss when this document isn’t accompanied along with the goods and products.


In order to provide a good quality service it is necessary to register certain data in our systems. The data will be handled with care. As being mentioned in the ‘Privacy Policy’ on the website, no data will be rent, leaned and/or sold to third parties. Beneath you will find the different sorts of data processing together with extra information:

- Creation of a personal VEGEMAC account

During the creation of such an account both administrative and financial data have to be registered. Whenever you log in into your account on the website, our system automatically remembers and fills in the necessary data in order to facilitate an order procedure. These data can be consulted and/or modified at any time.

- Registration for the Garden Equipment newsletter

At any time it is possible to register yourself to our newsletter in order to receive GE news and updates. By doing so we have to ask you to enter your e-mail address on our website. A registration of this data is necessary for the transfer of the newsletter to the electronic address of the specific subscriber. This e-mail address will never be the subject of rent or sale to third parties. At any time the subscriber can unsubscribe from receiving this newsletter in the future.

- Using the digital contact form on the website

When using our contact form you will be asked to enter certain personal data like name, surname and e-mail address. Again we guarantee that no rent, lone or sale of those data will be executed to third parties. After the treatment of your message towards Garden Equipment, all personal data entered in the form fields will be permanently erased out of our system.


First oil change after 5 hours of use, then after 20 hours (for machinery with 4-stroke petrol engine). Use SAE 30 oil. Check the oil before every use of the machine.

Air filter:
- Cleaning, each time after 20 hours at normal weather conditions.
- Cleaning/replacement, after each use in case of dry or dusty conditions. Replace the ignition candle once a year.

Always use unleaded petrol. Petrol months old damages the engine. Empty the petrol tank during winter and let your machine run until it stops. Clean your machine after every mowing and remove the spark plug while cleaning. When tilting the machine, watch out that the spark plug is always turned to the upper side.