Cable laying machine for commercial use

Cable laying machine self-propelled with engine Honda GX160 OHV

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Autocable DROP-IN 6

Self-propelled cable laying machine with vertically reciprocating, wedge-shaped, hardened steel blade

Honda GX160 engine, displacement 163 cm3

Working speed 15 to 30 m/min
Standard 12 mm blade for cables up to ø 3.5 mm
Kit available for cables up to 6 mm
Central depth setting from 10 to 50 mm
Edge distance 18 cm

Weight 88 kg

Working width 65 cm

De Autocable DROP-IN 6 is an extremely handy self-driving cable-laying machine with a powerfull Honda engine. The machine has two wedge-shaped blades that cut a fine groove into the ground to a maximum depth of 5 cm with alternating up-and-down strokes. The boundary cable is placed and the groove rolled closed with minimal damage to the lawn

With a working speed of 15 to 30 meters/min, a garden area of 300 m² can be completed in less than 5 minutes




Motor Honda GX160 OHV
Cylinder 163 cm³
Drive var. speed (0-2 km/h)
Depth setting 10 - 50 mm
Cable diameter to ø 3,5 mm
Weight 88 kg
Dim. Transport (LxWxH) 85x70x65