E-TECH BOATS - Ecological and Environmentally Friendly Boating

More info can be found on: WWW.ETECHBOATS.BE E-TECH BOATS ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY Our mission is to offer every water sports enthusiast a powerful and green alternative. ​E-Tech Boats is a Vegemac division, focusing on “Eco-Friendly Technology” for rowing, sailing and motorboats. We enable you to enjoy water sports in an ecological, adventurous and sporting manner. E-Tech Boats offers solutions for converting your own boat into an electric one and we have an extensive range of new boats specially designed with electric propulsion. E-Tech Boats also offers a broad range of electric inboard and outboard motors, the latest generation of Lithium LiFePO4 batteries, and an extensive range of flexible solar panels. Together with our team, customers and suppliers, we want to develop new technologies to offer every water sports enthusiast a powerful and ecological alternative. E-TECH BOATS • A division of Vegemac Tél. +32 (0)2 6861029 • info@etechboats.be Nijvelsebaan 115/1 • 3090 Overijse • Belgium