E-TECH BOATS - Ecological and Environmentally Friendly Boating

3BROS WATER GO-CARTS 3BROS ONE E The fast electric water go-cart The 3BROS ONE E is a go-cart which has been specially designed to ensure a perfect weight distribution of its batteries. The ONE E can be outfitted with various electric motors, such as the ePropulsion SPIRIT, the Torqeedo Cruise or the EZ-Outboard S10. Experience the pleasure of electric racing on the water! 3BROS 2FREE The compact 2 & 3-seater water go-cart There are many ways of enjoying 3bros 2FREE. Take 2 or 3 friends along and jump over the waves or tow a fun tube or wakeboarder. The 2FREE is the ideal boat for lakes or as a tender for a motor yacht or sailing yacht. It doesn’t matter how you use the 2FREE – safety and ultimate fun are guaranteed. 3BROS ONE The ultimate one-seater water go-cart With just a few seconds to start up, the ONE races over the water with a speed of more than 30 km/hr. This water go-cart can be equipped with a Suzuki or Honda motor of 9 to 15 hp. The ONE is very easy to control, even for beginners, and is unsinkable. 3BROS INSPIRED BY FREEDOM